Behind our success, there is a family!

In Orion Travel agency we are a second generation working in this family business and fourth generation involved in the maritime tourism. Altogether we have a mix of experience, education, and passion that give us a perfect recipe for success. Our success is a happy customer. We put all our energy to give you a memorable experience on our boat tours with our boats Ariete and Krešimir. We work with passion and we care that you love what we do!

Orion Travel exclusive trip to Red Island

Orion exclusively visit Red Island (St. Andrew) that we tend to call a pearl of Istria, due to its clean sea and its blend of modern and untouched beauty. The Red Island is something that should not be missed! We are the only agency in Pula, that has Red Island in its itinerary.

Every year we try to give a little twist to our offer and bring something new to the market. Therefore, we have implemented Sunset with Dolphins tour that occurs in the evenings. On this relaxed tour, we are enjoying the dinner onboard and dolphin watch in the sunset time.
Years ago we have implemented a completely new excursion that will take you further south to the Primorsko-Goranska county, to islands of Mali Lošinj, and Susak – still unexplored and not on the tourist compass yet. It’s a hidden local paradise, completely made of sand. Our guests love it! This tour is reserved for groups only.

We are world explorers ourselves! While creating an itinerary for our excursions we always put ourselves in travel’s perspective in order to deliver an enjoyable excursion possible. Our itineraries are well balanced and provide enough time for you to explore destinations we visit.

We invite you to join us for a boat tour!