Dolphin Tours Pula

We have been doing pula dolphin tours for few years in a row. This boat tour has been recognized among our clients as one of the most popular boat tours in Pula. Imagine a boat tour with amazing sunsets and dinner at the sea, while watching dolphins in their natural environment. It is an amazing experience for your family, kids, and couples. Something that you will remember for the rest of your lives.

Dolphins are creatures that every time you see them, they bring that same feeling to the surface. We see them often and we are always equally amazed. Therefore, we put all our experience and knowledge together, to provide a pleasant evening boat tour, where you can experience dinner on-board and enjoy dolphin watching. Exploring the area for few years we have learned the patterns dolphins are using to feed themselves. Therefore, we have a great percentage of pula dolphin trips we have made when we actually spotted the dolphins and observed them for a while.

It is not always easy to spot the dolphins. It requires devotion of the crew and captain’s persistence.

Also, the boat itself is an experience. It is a spacious, luxurious boat, that will enable you to freely walk around and have a fulfilling experience. The boat has two decks. You can enjoy observing dolphins from the upper or lower deck. Also, sometimes the evenings at the sea can be chilly, therefore having a closed area, is an advantage. Our boat is fully equipped with a bar, kitchen and two toilets. With two powerful engines we can also cover much greater area searching for dolphins, than our competitors.

You are welcome to join us at this lovely tour.

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